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Our doctors and support staff understand the burden that a cancer diagnosis and treatment may have on the patient and the pet parent.

Since it’s establishment at Hope Veterinary Specialists in 2013, the Medical Oncology Department has excelled at providing top notch quality care for our cancer patients in the three locations we service including: Main Line (Malvern, Main office), Lancaster (PETS Satellite office)  and Lehigh Valley (Valley Central Veterinary Referral Satellite office). Our department is made up of four board-certified medical oncologists, one board certified oncology veterinary technician, and numerous technicians and support staff, all of whom work together to provide the very best experience for each of our patients. Our service places a strong emphasis on continuing education and offers numerous clinical trials so that we may provide the most up to date and advanced diagnostic and treatment options for our patients. We offer numerous treatment options, depending on the cancer diagnosis, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, integrative oncology (acupuncture) and palliative/hospice services. To help reduce stress on the patient we became certified in low-stress handling techniques through the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavior Department, CALM. For the pet parent, Jennifer Durn, licensed social worker specializing in pet loss and grief, is available five days a week at Hope Veterinary Specialists to help assist clients facing this difficult diagnosis and the stresses that follow. In summary, our group is made up of professionals who are dedicated to providing the very best quality of care and medicine for our cancer patients.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Cancer treatment in pets is aimed at helping slow growth and progression of cancer while supporting and improving the patient’s quality of life. While cancer treatment may have side effects, the risk of side effects and the severity of side effects is much lower in dogs and cats compared to people because the quality of life is our main focus. Many patients come to us feeling sick from their cancer, once we start treatment, they start to feel better and can get back to their normal routine with their pet parents.

Oncology Appointment Days


To schedule an oncology appointment, or to talk to an oncology specialist, please call us at 610.296.2099.




To schedule an oncology appointment, or to talk to an oncology specialist, please call us at 610.296.2099.

If for your pet needs specialized care, there's no better place to take them. ~ Doerrman Family

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