The doctors and nurses at Hope Veterinary Specialists understand the emotional impact that a diagnosis of cancer in your beloved pet may have on your family.

Our team of specialists offers compassionate and quality healthcare to our patients. We treat all types of cancers, and our primary focus is on maintaining and improving your pet’s quality of life throughout treatment. We are committed to finding the right combination of personalized cancer treatments for each patient.

The Hope VS oncology team uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and clinical trials evaluating cutting-edge therapies. Our team of doctors includes board-certified surgeons who specialize in surgical oncology and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our medical and radiation oncologists provide consultation, diagnosis, and treatment planning for all cancer types and they have extensive training and over 20 years of combined clinical experience in cancer biology, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and novel therapeutics. Veterinary nurses with extensive training and experience in chemotherapy support the oncology team and provide compassionate care and treatment to our patients with cancer.

If for your pet needs specialized care, there's no better place to take them. ~ Doerrman Family

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To schedule an oncology appointment, or to talk to an oncology specialist, please call us at 610.296.2099