Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Rabacfosadine, Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin and Prednisone in Dogs with Untreated Lymphoma

Craig A Clifford DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology), Kristen Kicenuik, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), Christine Mullin, VMD, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology), and Rebecca Risbon, VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)


Lymphoma, the most common hematopoietic tumor of dogs, is an aggressive disease. While the majority of dogs will respond to cytotoxic chemotherapy utilizing a standard multi-agent (e.g. CHOP-based) approach, greater than 95% of dogs will relapse.

Study Description

This study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of TANOVEA®-CA1 when combined with vincristine, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and prednisone (T-CHOP) in dogs with untreated lymphoma. TANOVEA-CA1 received conditional approval for the treatment of canine lymphoma, which means that when used according to the label, the drug is safe and has a “reasonable expectation of effectiveness” for treating lymphoma in dogs. This study may provide information on a multi-drug treatment protocol that may result in improved outcomes for dogs with multicentric lymphoma.

TANOVEA-CA1 is provided at no cost. The other costs associated with treatment, including staging and treatment with other drugs (vincristine, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and prednisone), are the owner’s responsibility.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Dogs with lymphoma who have not been previously treated
  • Must be at least 1 year old
  • Must be otherwise healthy
  • Must have adequate organ function
  • West Highland White Terrier Breed is excluded from the study

Client Benefits

Clients participating in this study will be provided rabacfosadine at no cost.


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