Celebrating Social Work Month with a Spotlight on HOPE Support Services

Celebrating Social Work Month with a Spotlight on HOPE Support Services


Many people share a deep and powerful connection with their pets and consider them to be best friends and beloved members of the family. Due to this strong attachment, owners can become heartbroken and overwhelmed when the well-being of their pet is impacted by a devastating illness or traumatic occurrence. The staff at HOPE understands the incredible relationship between people and their ever-faithful companion animals and offers dedicated Support Services absolutely free of charge to any individual who feels they would like a sounding board during challenging circumstances.


Coordinated by Jennifer Durn, MSW, LSW, the program provides personalized guidance and support to worried or grieving pet owners. In 2011, Jennifer was inspired to work in the field of veterinary social work after losing her own cat to cancer. She wanted to make a difference for clients by being there for them during trying situations. Jennifer is passionate about her work, because she recognizes the often helpless feeling people experience when their four-legged loved one’s health has been impacted by an unforeseen event.


What Types of Social Services Does HOPE Provide?

HOPE’s Support Services are provided in person, over the phone, or through email. This can include assisting with making difficult decisions about your pet, providing a calming presence during testing, treatment, and euthanasia, and extending a listening ear during moments of stress and crisis. In the unfortunate event of a pet passing away, Jennifer is also available to lend support afterward and if necessary, she can connect you to additional resources within your community.


How Can I Connect with HOPE’s Support Services?

HOPE is dedicated to reinforcing the bond between people and their furry family members and providing owners with support through demanding times. If you feel Support Services would be beneficial to you, ask your medical team or the reception staff for an introduction, or contact Jennifer Durn directly at 610-296-2099 or [email protected]