A New Home on our Path to Hope

Some exciting changes have been happening here at Hope Veterinary Specialists that we would like to share with you. To begin, you probably noticed our new name and logo, which we think better reflect who we are and what our mission is…improving the quality of life and health of our community, our clients, our patients, our staff, and ourselves. These changes are just the first steps on our journey down the “Path to Hope,”which will continue in a brand new building in early 2013!

As the region’s leader in advanced veterinary medical care for dogs and cats, we want to continue in this tradition and expand our quality veterinary offerings. To this end, we recently launched this new web site and jumped in to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even our very own blog), where we will share our growth, our patients’ success stories, and our medical knowledge with our valued clients (you!).

Of course, we will continue to provide 24-hour emergency and critical care 7 days a week. But we are also expanding our community of board-certified specialists, all to more effectively help your pet with his or her healthcare needs. From cardiology to dermatology, internal medicine to radiology, surgery to oncology, we have the skilled doctors and experienced nurses you need to put your mind at ease—and your pets in the best possible hands. Soon, we’ll meet your neurology needs, too, allowing us to truly offer you the very best advanced medical care and options—all under one roof!

In January of 2013, Hope VS moved its doctors and nurses into our temporary location adjacent to our new facility being built. When you visit us you will be able to see the progression as we do or you can browse through the picture gallery. We will be hosting an open house with its completion in early spring 2013. Be sure to sign up on our mailing list to receive an invite to the event!

We hope you choose to join us on this exciting new journey that we affectionately call the “Path to Hope.” In turn, we will keep you updated on all the offerings we plan to unveil—each one meant to better assist and serve your primary veterinarian in the care of your beloved pet!

While we hope you never need us, we’re here if you do.


The Team at Hope Veterinary Specialists, where the hopes for tomorrow reside today

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