New Non-Invasive Test for Canine Urinary Cancer

Hope VS is now offering the CADETSM BRAF Assay for diagnosis and monitoring of canine urinary cancer. Transitional cell carcinoma is the most common type of urinary cancer in dogs. The BRAF mutation is present in 85% of all canine TCC’s, thus can serve as a non-invasive biomarker for many dogs with this cancer. Since the test is performed on free catch urine samples, it can allow the medical team to obtain a diagnosis of TCC without fine needle aspirate or biopsy.

The BRAF mutation is present in 85% of all canine TCC cases, thus test sensitivity is 85% (15% false negatives).

The mutation is not present in urine samples of dogs with other non-TCC cancers nor non-cancerous urinary diseases, thus specificity is 100% (no false positives).

The test is not affected by the presence of bacteria or blood.

The test permits detection up to 4 months before clinical signs may be evident.

Ideal scenarios to employ this test (canine patients only):

1. Chronic lower urinary tract disease

2. If a mass, polyp, or thickening is noted in the urinary tract on ultrasound

3. Monitoring before and after surgical removal of TCC

4. Screening for at-risk breeds (e.g. Scottish terriers)

Please schedule a consultation with the oncology department at HopeVS if your dog is diagnosed with or suspected to have urinary cancer.

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