Mid Atlantic Jack Russel Newsletter- December 2015


Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, Inc. (MAJR) is an organization that was started by fellow terrier enthusiasts who wanted to help jack Russell Terriers and the Jack mixes that may be overlooked by other rescues or the general public.

Nearly every volunteer MAJR uses has a wealth of experience to draw from regarding Jacks & Jack Mixes. We use this cumulative knowledge to help educate the public and animal welfare organizations about this breed of canine, to assist those who are in need of a home, to assist owners with problems in their relationship with their dog, and thereby reducing the number of homeless Jacks and assisting in preventing cruelty to animals.

MAJR asked Dr. Vickery to contribute to their newsletter and inform clients about the benefits of Acupuncture in our pets. We would like to thank them for reaching out to Hope and Dr. Vickery!



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