Hope the Heroin Kitten Update 8/7/14

jen1Dr. Jennifer Magilton is back in the hospital and snuggling up with her favorite kitten! Hope also wanted to thank everyone for the outpurr of support and love for him!

If you wish to make donations in honor of Hope to help provide for his care, please visit http://www.ccspca.org/donate/in-honor-of-donations/. Keep in mind that Hope will be transferred to the care of Chester County SPCA until the court hearing against James Myers is finalized. He is considered evidence and is not able to be adopted at this time. There are SO many cats and kittens that can be adopted at your local shelter in honor of Hope.
Thousands of people wish to be a hero to this one little kitten when there are thousands of cats that need just one hero to adopt them from their local shelter. They will be just as grateful and love you just as much!!
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