Hooray for Hollywood!

Hollywood, a 3-year old male castrated Abyssinian, came in to HVS for a day-long observation with Dr. Jennifer Bagshaw as a result of some minor neurological signs, but all throughout the visit, it was Hollywood who made everyone else feel better!

Hollywood is an extremely good looking cat, but it wasn’t so much his looks that got us hooked— it was his hugs. Whenever anyone knew showed up for her shift the day Hollywood stayed with us, someone already working inevitably said, “Have you been hugged by Hollywood yet?”

See, whenever anyone picked up Hollywood, he wrapped his front paws around that person’s neck and clung, just like a hug. Making this even sweeter is the fact that Hollywood would then take one of his paws and gently stroke the person’s hair!

All throughout the day, whenever anyone felt stressed or sad or just in the mood for some love, they paid a visit to Hollywood’s cage and took him out; Hollywood was always willing to oblige. Even Dr. Bagshaw got into the act, stopping by for a couple hugs throughout her busy day.

Hollywood’s owner was very pleased but not surprised by the news of Hollywood’s hugs and growing fan club. And, not at all surprising to us, she was unwilling to let us keep Hollywood as Hope VS’s unofficial therapy cat, though she did agree to stop with Hollywood for some hug sessions—though maybe for a small fee each!

We hope to see you again soon, Hollywood (for hugs only, that is)!

Interested in learning more about this breed? You can start at Petfinder.com for some basics: http://www.petfinder.com/cat-breeds/Abyssinian.

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