Dr. Shanley receives K9 Title Sponsor Award

Dr. Kevin Shanley received a K-9 Title Sponsor Award from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office for recognition of his services and support to aid Deputy Sheriff John DiBuonabenturo and his K-9 partner Leo. Leo, a German Shepard K-9 Officer in Chester County specialized in detecting accelerants, suffered from non healing wounds on his back legs. The wounds appeared a week after he visited a house bombing where much debris covered the floor he walked on. His handler and partner, John DiBuonabenturo brought Leo to Hope Veterinary Specialists in November of 2014 seeking an answer and to relieve Leo of the discomfort he was in.

From Top left: Sheriff x, Sheriff Carolyn Bunny Welsh, Dr. Kevin Shanley, Leo, Deputy Sheriff John DiBuonabenturo

From Top left: Deputy Harry McKinney, Sheriff Carolyn Bunny Welsh, Dr. Kevin Shanley, Leo, Deputy Sheriff John DiBuonabenturo

images (1)Dr. Kevin Shanley, a board certified veterinary dermatologist diagnosed Leo with Metatarsal Fistulas, an immune mediated condition (resulting from the activity of the immune system) that is fairly uncommon in dogs.The fistulas are ulcerated, infected, deep draining tracts found on the rear feet. The feet are affected on the underside so the inflammation makes it painful to walk. Infected tracts run from the skin surface through several layers of tissue down to the deep layer of the skin. Leo has responded favorably to his new medications and ointment and is back to servicing and aiding the citizens of Chester County.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office began their first K-9 Unit in August of 2006. Their first two K-9s, Cento and Nero were trained in explosive detection, patrol and tracking. With the addition of more K-9 Officers the team is now well equipped to handle explosive detection, narcotics detection, patrol, tracking, and article searches. The Unit provides security to all county government buildings as well as support and assistance to all law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

We are honored the Chester County Sheriff’s office will be registering their K-9 Unit with Hope Veterinary Specialists so we can better serve these officers in their time of need.

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